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Find, view, and clean Flash cookies with Flash Cookie Cleaner, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft
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19 July 2012

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Sophistication and complexity and the feat that technology has achieved in the digital and internet landscape is remarkable. Best part that it all has shot up in just couple of decades. Even thought the development has been greatly positive for the masses yet for certain levels these things are also harmful and needs to be check regularly. Like for example for our information and curiosity we visit almost all the websites be is information or shopping or gaming sites. While you visit these websites, without your knowledge these websites places flash cookies inside your browsers and other location so as to trace your information and send you regular pop ups and even email you. So you need to clean your system and particularly remove these flash cookies. As it might be difficult to search these cookies and delete them check out Flash Cookie Cleaner 2.0.

Flash Cookie Cleaner 2.0 is a fantastic flash cookies identification and deletion solution that is meant to clean you system. With it not allow any company to advertise you nor allow anyone else to grab your behavior of using website. So, as this solution can remove the flash cookies you can be very safe and not fall under the scanner of any advertising company. The Flash Cookie Cleaner 2.0 has got a very simple to use GUI which is meant for using with very least efforts. You can see three tabs on the UI i.e., SCAN, View cookies and delete cookies. Just by pressing scan cookies the application will scan your PC from corner to corner and identify the flash cookies. If you are interested to see the cookies then press the view button else delete them with one click on the delete cookies button.

Free of cost, Flash Cookie Cleaner 2.0 is a terrific working solution that can help you to not cleans your system but also makes it safe. It triumphs our heart with a score of four and half on a degree of five.

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Find, view, and clean Flash cookies with Flash Cookie Cleaner, a freeware application from ConsumerSoft. Awarded the Top Software Award from
Flash Cookies are small bits of data saved by websites you visit. They can be used to store website settings and info (like Flash game scores), to track website behavior, and to target advertisments. These cookies can reveal what websites you have visited. Also known as PIE (persistent identification element) and LSO's (local shared objects).
Flash Cookie Cleaner
Flash Cookie Cleaner
Version 2.0
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